This is a black and white photo of Clumber Hall viewed from High Cross Street. The front of the building is white render and the rear section is brick.  There are 12 windows in total.


The History of Clumber Hall

The building has a long history. It dates back to 1805, when it was erected as a Presbyterian church and got the name Hephzibah. After only three years the building was sold to another Christian group the universalists.

In 1811 the building was sold yet another time and it became the National School. The learning conditions at that time cannot be compared to those of today. There was only one room in which lessons took place. This room (photo) is used today as the main assembly room in which the services take place. At that time the average attendance was around 300 boys every day. This school served the local people greatly at that time, because education was still something special and a lot of people living in this area were very poor.

In 1854 the building was sold and it became a music hall. A stage was put into the main room where the musicians played, while the visitors could drink beer and smoke cigars. The prices were very low and people would get very drunk. It is said that the police were forced to come to the music hall rather frequently.

The building again changed owner in 1866, when a doctor bought the building to establish a medical mission in it. This area, being a poor part of Nottingham, was in great need of medical support. One of the diseases of that time was cholera.

The founder of the Salvation Army bought the building in 1879. At that time he became really famous in the Nottingham area. His mission was to help poor people and to preach the gospel to them. After his death members of the Salvation Army kept the church building for the same purpose as before.

In 1910 a brethern church took over the building. They came from near Clumber St and called the building Clumber Hall.

The outside of the building (photo taken in 1982) has changed very little in the last 40 years although the name changed to Clumber Hall Evangelical Church. The church closed at the end of December 2018.

The Arena church have used the Clumber Hall building for their services since 2019.

If you have memories of Clumber Hall church you would like to share, please contact us

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